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Six Sexology/Kink Coaching Sessions - 60 minutes each

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This is for six 60-minute talk-based coaching/mentoring sessions with Dr. Tiffany K., Board Certified Sexologist & Certified Holistic Sex Educator (audio call via phone or Zoom).  This is great This is the most popular option for those that are working on goal setting, need accountability, and/or need additional coaching support.

Coaching sessions are by appointment only. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to a needs assessment form, a coaching/consulting agreement, and access to Dr. Tiffany K.'s online scheduler to book your time.  

How can a consultation session help you?

Sessions with a Certified Sex Educator can help you:

  • Develop communication skills to talk to your partner(s) about your boundaries and desires.
  • Explore non-traditional relationships, kink, or polyamory.
  • Design kink practices, D/s agreements, or explore sexually empowering rituals to suit your needs. (including fine-tuning for those who are neurodivergent or on the asexual spectrum).
  • Develop methods to overcome barriers and challenges in your kink/sex/relationships.
  • Explore empowerment practices to reduce anxiety and shame around kink and sex.
  • Maximize pleasure potential by improving technique and incorporating toys & tools
  • Design BDSM negotiations, discuss boundary setting and develop fulfilling scenes.
  • Navigate the world of kink, D/s play, or consensual non-monogamy at a beginner or advanced level.
  • Explore sexual and gender identity.

What else should you know about my consulting and education practice?

Regarding sex, sexuality, identity, or relationships (may that be with yourself, within partnerships, or poly/open relationships):

As your personal consultant and coach, I will offer support, advice, guidance, and resources. My work has largely been focused in academia in the past, and thus goals and objectives are crafted to meet my clients where they are today. Personalized and streamlined activities that drive inner-work are given to help meet those goals as effectively as possible.

My practice also centers on embodiment, mindset, and somatic principles. Rather than dictating cookie-cutter courses of action or offering up unsolicited advice, my blend of mentoring and personalized education allows for the discussion of alternate perspectives, ideas, and suggestions. I will likely assign worksheets or homework (don't worry, it will be enlightening and fun!) to help clients focus more on the inner work between sessions, thereby driving the results they seek more efficiently and effectively. I may also share relatable personal experiences when pertinent, help you work through shame by meeting you with empathy and validation, or simply serve as someone to “gut check” your decisions or thoughts.

Sessions can serve as a mentoring relationship or that of a 1-on-1 educator which can be ideal for those who are just starting their journey to sexual empowerment and acceptance, looking to enhance their ability to experience a new level of pleasure not just in the bedroom, but throughout their lives, or those new to kink, power exchange relationships, non-monogamy, alternative relationships, or those navigating dating/new relationships. 

Regarding D/s, BDSM, or Kink Mentorship:

My practice centers around soft skills, strategic frameworks, and the psychology of BDSM & D/s dynamics. I will refer you to other sources for instruction on intermediate and advanced technical/hard skills (i.e. how to tie specific rope bondage knots, edge play practices, etc.). I will also offer support to help you integrate into your own kink or BDSM community with a focus on safety, consent practices, negotiation, identifying red-flags, crafting scenes, and finding resources to further support your journey.

How is intimacy/sex/kink coaching different from sex therapy?

A Certified Sex Educator or consultant helps clients identify current obstacles and create an action plan to help achieve goals, build confidence, satisfy desires, and empower the process of self-discovery and boundary setting. Educators and Consultants work to help you with current issues and challenges.

On the other hand, sex therapists work with clients to resolve issues rooted in a client's past. They work with clients on a long-term basis analyzing past experiences, traumas, unproductive/destructive patterns, etc.

Sex therapists also diagnose and treat dysfunctions and disorders. Therapists and psychologists also analyze present issues, but work within the context of the past, and how it is affecting the client today.

Educators/Consultants and Therapists often work together to address different aspects of a client's life. Therapists work to heal past wounds that are causing issues today, while Educators/Consultants work to identify goals and help move you forward. Both therapists and Educators/Consultants serve different purposes and require different training/certifications/credentials.  

Educators/Consultants will often refer clients to sex therapists when it is clear a current issue is being affected by deeply rooted past experiences. In turn, sex therapists often refer clients to Educators/Consultants for complementary care to help empower, set goals, and move forward. One does not replace the other and it is important to understand the differences, as well as how they work together.

Disclaimer: Coaching/Consulting sessions are talk-based and professional. They do not include any physical contact, or behavior meant to arouse or otherwise be construed as sexual between the coach and client. Strict professional and ethical standards are upheld during sessions. Furthermore, I DO NOT consent to view nudity/sexually explicit behavior, be the target of sexual advances/objectification, or attempts to solicit sexual contact/conduct. If the client behaves inappropriately, I have the right to end the coaching session/relationship without refund. 

Other Options Available:

About Dr. Tiffany "K."

Tiffany is a multi-faceted artist, creator, and coach who teaches workshops and trainings on kink, sexuality, art, writing, and business strategy. She has taught thousands how to build a business online, has worked with tens of thousands of students during her time as a creative writing professor teaching the basics of writing skills from business plans to publishing a novel, and continues to conduct research with TASHRA (The Alternative Sexuality Health Research Alliance). She is a listed kink-heath professional and coalition partner with The National Coalition of Sexual Freedom, is an active published member of The Romance Writers of America, and continues collaborating with other sex educators to create workshops and training. She is also the co-captain of the Erotic Creator’s A. Club of Patreon.

To read more about Tiffany, please check out her about page on her website

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6 session package of 60-Minute Virtual Coaching Sessions - Needs Assessment/scheduling details, coaching contract, and resources included.
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Six Sexology/Kink Coaching Sessions - 60 minutes each

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